Call For Speakers

Scale is the only conference dedicated to professional property management companies looking to scale their businesses successfully and sustainably.

We invite you to submit a proposal to be a speaker in our first conference 100% targeted on the Spanish market, Scale Spain and Scale Open Spain.

This is a unique opportunity to share your experience, knowledge, and expertise with our audience on how to scale successfully scale a short-term rental business.

We are looking for presentations and panel discussions that showcase best practices, innovative strategies, and lessons learned to educate hundreds of professional property managers from around the world.


What you need to know to submit your proposal

How long are the sessions?

Individual session
Sessions will last approximately 25 minutes plus an additional 5 minutes of audience Q&A.

Panels will last approximately 45 minutes, up to 1 hour in case the topic requires more than 4 panellists.

What should be included in the proposal?

All submissions must be educational or advisory in nature and must not include promotions for products or services.

Please note that we expect a high number of applications for a very limited number of sessions available. We aim to match submitted sessions with the most popular topics selected by our attendees.

What topics should be focused upon?

The most popular topics amongst previous Scale Shows’ attendees include the following:
AI, Branding, Data Benchmarking, Destination Management, Environmental Sustainability, Franchising Models, Future Trends, International Growth, OTAs, PR, Professionalisation, Profitability, Property Acquisition, Raising Capital, Reputation Management, Staffing & Team Growth, and Technology & Innovation.

What is the deadline to present my proposal?

In general, we accept proposals for a conference up to a month before, so make sure to submit it considering the kick-off date.

Is there a way to have a guaranteed speaking opportunity?

Only Headline sponsors are going to have a guaranteed speaking opportunity.

If you submit a speaking proposal, we’ll carefully evaluate it but we cannot guarantee that it’s going to be accepted.